If there is not much division, then certainly you have to have a master sits. Otherwise, the Microsoft opponent to know people just sent a man to pick a branch, face lost is small, also mistakenly sub national affairs. The dog can not casually East built a division. Bei Luding bar is responsible for an estimated Asia Europe this piece of the business. But, a bar, and see what people garish. Members of that division run where to go Iron accounted male obscure sermons. Members, I think, is not distributed throughout the world. The division also has some members, but these members may not live in the bar only. Information is sufficient when there is a business as long as the phone is not it I heard a dog east of members Information also has a comprehensive approach. Maybe a lot of members of a lifetime never met before. some are one way links. this, naturally people are arrested in order to prevent post effective way to reveal the other members. Fan Ye sermon. No matter, go to test the waters say. Otherwise, some thugs to arrange naughty look, look at the dog s east movement Like a bar is a pla. ce to make trouble, drunk smashing tables smashing shop also is not normal Iron accounted male waved sermon. My name is Li Qiang to try, he is indeed a bit like the fierce ghost shelf solution. Fan Ye sermon. Buddy, you say that you are responsible for weapons, not get their hands on Iron accounted for a male looked Ye Fan, asked. To be continued.. 1892nd chapter sixteen Xiao Mei No, I was ready to go out there to help a friend a favor, as long as the money it wants. Fan Ye naturally not to speak out NORMAN, in the act dumb. Iron accounted male looked faint smile Fan Ye did not ask, I guess we guessed something. Shuhaige.com As Ren Jun pound deposit with the blue face is calm. After lunch YeFan straight away Lihuang hotel, to the hotel after Ye Fan for a cup coffee drink slowly child up. Because no prior NORMAN Contact lens lu who called himself Shaw sixteen sister, a woman of any information. Information only account of the way. Except for the Secret Service a group a group of players in the UK Fan Ye also some curious, the name is too shocking, Xiao Daxia pen people are Ganshijiumei, while a group of players who actually take the name of Shaw sixteen sister. NORMAN was heard laughing on. the phone after Ye Fan hum what s surprising, you are not also called Gou Zi, right We are all members of a group is a type of a temper. However, sixteen girl looks, but quite pleasant, not thinking about what your kid Touxiang idea. You are now open to the four skill, black and blue by others k too can not find me hear his cry. Li old man s words natural to feel some ridiculous boss leaves can be a bad refute, but to recognize depressed. Coffee cups into the whole feel no connection themselves, impatient boss leaves. Some feel belly up, then stood up and walked to and from the bathroom. Wong Lai hotel toilet which was made of ancient s ancient incense, with the country we ran some cafes actually win one. After this foreigner is to understand and enjoy, leaves the boss in my heart muttered took Huaer enjoying pull up. Peeing Laniao rang. King of the earth tiger Suddenly, the boss leaves behind him a woman voice. This sounds too abrupt, leaves the boss did not even ready. This stock is suddenly a stiff body. Shaw sixteen sister knows Contact themselves up. This stock Huangde hurriedly zipping closing ku head at one go. He turned and looked around, actually did not find shadows. Li is really. actually come up Zuoshan Diao Chan to the mouth of the fork when contacting the code word. Ye boss IT Examination joked pan shook his head at the moment Hawkeye found the bathroom really did others, also casually talking about the road river town pagoda demon. Found no answer, the boss leaves out of the bathroom. Found in a corner wearing a skirt hanging back young woman was looking at his smiling face. The woman s face was round, white skin s special head still wearing little more than a dozen root whip, another young girl dice publicity atmosphere. Rural girls have a son that simple effort, in a big city like London can see such a pure taste of the woman, but added a distinctive flavor. See what see wanted mo River, the mo river, right, this girl was no peace The girl stared leaves a brother, giggling said. At the moment, she is a bit like a street to attract customers that what the local chicken. Which we open the room to go. Ye boss suddenly aroused, know this woman is a sister Xiao sixteen, because Li Lao to the code word in the last sentence is mo River. Shaw sixteen sister really is clever, actually soliciting inclusion in the call out. A place like London, courtesan in the upscale hotel can stil. l be seen. Fan Ye asked for IT Exam room with a Shore sixteen sister go. Both intimate holding hands, laughing into the room. However, entered the room, Shaw sixteen sister immediately pulled out his hand. It is also the boss makes the leaves feel some regret. Shaw sixteen sister though hardly can be said that even the best can only speak from the attitude s terms is on the level. But there are people who make a man stupid stupid heart dice temperament haunted. I need your arms are placed in a secret place, where you pick them up on the line. Shaw looked YeFan a sixteen sister took out a piece of paper that read addresses, thought and sermon you should use it it should be okay. see Xiao sixteen sister s eyes seem to have a trace of disdain look, but the boss leaves some feeling of self esteem damaged, and actually was a small woman to contempt. Giggle, do it like I do not find the time to teach you on the line. I m very busy drop. Shaw sixteen eyebrows a sister Alice, Alice very skin drops. Sixteen sister, you stationed here for Bei Luding bar should know more than I do. Can some of you know, I have some help on the secret. Ye Boss to safety brothers cheek asked. You do not my category, so the gi. rl regardless big deal. Well to be honest, either look at Li Lao surface, even this I am too lazy tube. Shaw sixteen sister faint hum, fundamental there is no trace of compatriots love a bit cold. I just hope you can provide a little about the message you how so cold. Anyhow, we are also Chinese people, I think you will not forget ancestors, right Ye boss but some angry hum said coldly. Take back what you just said the words Shaw says it was sixteen sister Face to face, cold evil evil stare Ye Fan. Great and not a word we should use force posture boss ever received such a bird leaves the air, a touch of looked at her, simply sat down on the sofa, staring at Alice on Jiro tui Shaw sixteen sister, said 1. young girl child, it seems that your temper is not small thing this girl does not temper temper you fail to get this guy to manage self righteous, since Li Lao willing to provide some convenience for you, surely you know our organization something. here dare charge uncle, the girl s life is the most annoying those in government work, thinking he still solid two guys. you will be the mayor of a city level, this girl is not to belittle you, Give this girl shoes do not deserve Shaw says sixteen. sister face full of disdain contempt. Presumptuous Cracking slamming, a nose and xing cup on the coffee table is the boss leaves heavy knock on the table. Ah Shaw sixteen sister did not hold back, eyes staring aghast on the coffee table that made cardboard cup. Fan Ye moment to see, now look at that cup, one hand clutching his point that painted rouge lipstick mouth, an incredible look. Because the paper cup on the coffee table so it was a gentle knock the boss leaves, whole actually deeply stuck in a very hard solid mahogany coffee table inside. Lihuang hotel mahogany coffee table is carved mahogany piece, about five centimeters thick. If the cup is made of iron, sister Xiao sixteen confidence also can give it to press into the coffee table inside. But change for the paper to do, it would be too frightening. Thin cardboard with thick mahogany compared to the hardness of the material with Lou too poor. To do this, at least, you should first interior strength into the cup cup manipulation becomes much more hard line than the solid mahogany. Shaw sixteen sister estimate, even seven experts estimate can not do this. That may seem just this text quality special s young people, it would mean ei. ght Dan master. This, too shocked to make Shaw sixteen sister. You are how you do it. Shaw sixteen sister asked, pointing to a cardboard cup, because she probably guess what this young man to make a clever means of special forces to make a paper cup into a coffee table inside. Shaw was sixteen sister was killed, and she can not believe this guy has eight power. Because, some ancient Chinese martial arts family, but also some very strange occult, may be able to do it too hard to say. You have fun with me I ll tell you the secret. Ye boss is a little insignificant, faint smile said. Shameless Shaw sixteen sister could bear, foot kicked the Fan Ye. However, the moment she recovered almost kicked the shoes Redskins Fan Ye nose on the sleeve of the beauty of tui. Because the boss is a leaf child did not bat an eyelid. Shaw sixteen sister know, there are two cases that people would be so calm. One is the people who have to have a skill, and secondly, that this person means nothing. Do not tell you, that is in front of Lu Jin so I did not dare clamor. Do not believe it, you ll make a phone call to ask Lu Jin. Fan Ye faint grunted, face expressionless. You re the mayor of East Gongshi, an ordinary. government officials Xiao Lu Jin sixteen sister did not ask something, ask this. Of course, I used to say, you go to know, cheetah respect by Marshal Ye is we, however, was seriously injured and later withdrew. As for the cups, it was a secret. Do not play with you, I will never tell you the mystery. Ye brother started playing the terms secret. I have my secrets with bar Nabeiluding change how you like Shaw sixteen sister somewhat softened. The Secret, I also have to check out, you do not work. Ye boss appeared very hard gas, we must stand up and get waved weapons. Here, this is the latest dog East Division Bei Luding bar data. Leaf boss feel eyes flash, a paper bag Conus drifted down. I owe you YeFan Shaw sixteen sister a favor, next time you encounter can not solve something, give me a call. This is my home phone, you will be able to fight through. Fan Ye to throw the phone number she turned to the file holding the bag away. As for the cups on the coffee table, I believe she will take care of these funeral, the. You in the end is how kind of person, looks like a master, as if they are not really a weirdo... Shaw sixteen sister while bite mouthpiece chun, while distressed sigh. She looked. blankly cups and coffee table, eyes turning east west slipped somewhat complicated. Fan Ye took the Cisco weapon back to the apartment. After you have read the material in the hands of the Fan Ye moment some boring. But efforts dogs were really in Germany Bei Luding bar, this person definitely be called a big rival. Let these people inside, only YeFan have the ability to surrender him. Moreover, the outcome is still estimated fifty five. If from the experience and fierce fighting is concerned, Fan Ye might as efforts dogs were German. This person saddled with more than a dozen lives, and those still visible, invisible lives how much is unknown. Iron accounted male look dignified, shut the kit put on the table.. 1890th chapters will be greatly missed Jen pounds Ah, who had assassinated with six very famous bodyguard protection Zhang. Zhang Hong Zhang s group is designated successors. But Zhang s death touched a nerve Zhang. Zhang s father Zhang Shoucheng heartache beloved son s death, offering a reward of two hundred million Hong Kong dollars to dog efforts were de head. But, unfortunately, this guy is now alive and well. Occasionally out of running some tricky things. Blue Jun look dignified ex. istence. In the past six men had a bodyguard in Wudang came, I heard that there is a sixth skill. According to the way dogs were German effort was killed. I heard later also sent a Wudang master dog hunt efforts were German. But this guy is really amazing skill, came and went without a trace. Even with a master Wudang school was down, but the whole world too, where to go to find him Finally, let the matter rest. Ren pounds nodded sermon. I heard that this person is good at the art of makeup, a woman will be installed imaging, while another is a juvenile. It is often very anti seam. Perhaps a stranger same table to eat with your dog is efforts were German. Although there were efforts to de dog photo on this material, but it looks too blurred. This person did not recognize the true face to. Iron accounted male sermon. Nothing, ever changing efforts dogs were German but a little make up can not. Fan Ye suddenly faint smile. What are the characteristics found, is not it Blue asked Jun exist. You see, although the angle of this photo taken a few different. And the faces are not clear, but here you take a closer earlobe, find what is not YeFan than a few photos in front asked. Nothing ah. Several. people looked iron accounted male shook his head. I did not find anything, what did you find Ye boss somewhat depressed, fingers lit photo ear hammer parts. Iron accounted hung a few people and then took a look to see, really did not find anything, immediately a few people shook their heads. Ye boss looked at the part of the ear, immediately understand. Because, in their own display clairvoyance ear dogs were part of the efforts is amplified by Germany do not know how many times. Naturally he could see the man s earlobe parts of teeth tiny spots. And they hung iron accounted for with the naked eye can not see clearly. Because it is too small dark spots. Unless with a magnifying glass to look more like it. At night departure, we dispersed into the front into the first twitch muscle injections of medicine, a little bit of change face. This medicine is coming from a particular channel, we know that it wants to, not rumor and this, even the best make up look otherwise, Bei Luding bar sudden influx of a few Chinese people would arouse suspicion. Fan Ye sermon. Because blue deposit with Jun Li Qiang Ye Fan does not know who stayed in a group. Doubt Not necessarily, I ve already been several time. s was found to the bar of the local ethnic Chinese are also a considerable number.

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